Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Random Mutterings

  1. Ugh, I forgot to put on mascara today!
  2. Concealor application looks slightly better ...
  3. Blush still looks faint ... maybe I'm just a "natural" makeup person...
  4. Stuck my eyeshadow brush into the mini-ziplock and tried using Mixology's Armor eyeshadow without spillage. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! So sheer but pigmented enough to see the colours (my type of thing). Not powdery at all (will try to do proper review with swatches soon) ... . I'm so going to try every colour then buy more in full-size quantities hahaha!!
  5. My timing sucks! I never do know exactly when John Little's Stardust is having it's 20% storewide discount!! Why don't they send me the mailers? I seldom receive Robinson's mailer on time and none of John Little's mailers at all, despite being a Robinson's Card member.
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