Saturday, 17 January 2009

Leg Gels: The Verdict

When I woke this morning, my legs felt ok. Not so swollen like usual but not really completely well. When I step down, I still feel some pain at the arch of my right foot. Maybe it will all get better with regular application. Or maybe if this pain persists, I need to go see a doctor... Eeek. So, the conclusion is that the leg gels, are good for temporary soothing but I can't tell if there will be any long-term benefits, except the skin feels tighter and smoother. I'll try to report back on further developments if there are any. I can't wait for Yumeko to tell me what the OLs like to use ... And recently we were having lunch together and someone, let's call her A, said to the group, "To tell the truth, I honestly think people who blog have no life. Those with a life are out there living it, they have no time to blog." I've heard someone else relate this obnoxious comment from A before. She's basically not an obnoxious person, so I didn't take what she said to heart. PLUS she doesn't know I blog. Hahaa. So I know she wasn't directing it at me. In all, I feel that people who write and share what they write are abit egoistic in principle, me included. I just want people to know what I think and also discuss with me topics of interest. I can't find people who want to do makeup talk with me in real-life. Real-life is so filled with real and serious things, and I do real and serious things in real-life, make-up and beautification is so not discussed. So I blog, to allow my voice to be heard, when in real-life, it often isn't ... What do you think? Why do you blog? Additionally, I must say that I do so love the British sense of humour and style of writing. Just think of the "voice" that Nigella Lawson uses in her shows and cookbooks, and Neil Gaiman. OMG Neil Gaiman. He's adorable. Just read his latest blog post, Journey's End. Very interesting tone and style. Never fails to make me amused and happy in just the slightest subtle way. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


Jamilla Camel said...


Your symptoms sounds like Venous Incompentence...or possibly (god forbid) a small blood clot. Suggest you see a doctor. It could just be up to hormonal fluctuations (that's what mine came from, but now that I'm menopausal, it doesn't happen any more, LOL!). My dad has venous incompentence, and he wears support socks and does leg wraps--but this only happens to middle aged people. His mother had it too.

Please see a doctor!! Please keep us up to date on your progress.

Good luck and take care,


fuzkittie said...

What A said, is basically like saying someone who goes to any sort of gathering in "real life" has no life. Because to me blogging, esp. beauty blogging, is like joining some sort of club~ Like people who love tennis, join tennis clubs. This isn't any different. I blog because in real life, there aren't always people around who can share the same interests in beauty with me. Duh. Hahaha.

Jamilla Camel said...

Re: Beauty Blogging, I agree with Fuz--although there seems to be plenty of of Asian ladies who lurve makeup!! Jamal and I shopping in San Francisco today, and he says: "This place is Asian Central!! Look at the Asian women shopping! Look at them buying makeup and shoes!". I said "and honey, you're with one! as I dragged him around the stores..."



Anonymous said...

I don't agree with what A said.
People who blog do it because they want to and they make time for it.
I don't blog but I read them.
I am grateful that bloggers take the time out to do it.
Blogs are greatly enjoyed by others.

pinky"the-middle-name-is-princess"beanie said...

Well, isn't blogging like a kind of hobby? Everyone has an opinion, I guess...