Thursday, 1 January 2009

Another Place to Buy Rootote

I first saw Rootote in Japan. Liked it but didn't buy because of my personal history with these sort of tote bags: I buy them, then don't use them for various reasons. Then, I saw Rootote in Taipei. Attracted to them again, but didn't buy either. Then Rootote came to Singapore. I got this news from Viva Woman's post Rootote Available in Singapore. I saw Rootote yesterday in a rather unexpected place: The stationery section of Page 2 at Vivocity. You can check them out there, if it's a more convenient location. I still don't have a Rootote, so I don't have a photo for you, but I did buy 2 new notebooks for 2009! Yeah for cute notebooks. :D Image000copy © Copyright. All rights reserved.

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sarsarblanki said...

Eeepp!!The notebooks are so adorable!!♥ Happy New Year 2009 to you there^O^)/