Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Inner Beauty & Health Is Much More Important

Yesterday, I bumped into someone who hasn't seen me for some time. He took a long look at me and said, "You look very tired." My first reaction was to think of how much effort I had put into trying to do my make up and hair. So, my first instinct was disappointment, that someone would actually notice how tired I was, instead of saying how pretty I looked. Hahaha. *Bitter laugh* Well, anyway, since we were at the office lift lobby, I told him, in front of several other people, "That's good. It means I'm working hard." Duh. I'm so sad at my lousy retorts. I can only think of good come-back lines after the fact. Still, I wonder how much of our external beautification efforts really pay off, if we are in fact actually physically and mentally run-down? On another note, I've recently been noticing bag charms from companies like Coach and LV. I really like them alot but don't want to pay so much for a bag charm. I've done google and ebay searches but haven't come up with any nice alternative finds. I'd really love to find some nice ones. If you know any places to buy, let me know please? I'm still searching for the perfect bag, but I've come to think there's probably no such thing! I'll write more on that later. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


fuzkittie said...

Yea true! Rest is so important for beauty! Btw, I got your package!! Thank you sooooo much.

Anonymous said...

a good rest is really important but i cant get enough rest anyway alas

sarsarblanki said...

A good intake of food is also very important like taking more veggie and fruits as a daily habit^^ Else can always do the easy way by blending the veggie and fruits and make it into juice which I always do everyday morning and night. It really does help our skin condition and yes rest is very important which I too can't get enough *ugghh*

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