Monday, 29 December 2008

2008 Best Of/Worst Of: Eyeshadow Palettes

Colour suitability is based on my personal skintone and preferences. The easiest way to describe my skintone is that I use NC25 Mac Studio Perfect Compact Powder and Legere's BB Cream is a good match as a base. My personal preference is for a natural but polished look. Do let me know if there are other things I should look out for in my reviews. ----------------------------- Worst of 2008: Eyeshadow Palettes These are the palettes that I used, then felt sick of and never used much again. Image001copy L-R: Paul & Joe Eye Colour Palette 2, Paul & Joe Eye Colour Palette 1 Paul & Joe Eye Colour Palette 2 Texture: Feels quite powdery to me. Colours: Not really that bad but the pinkish-orange is really a waste. I was told by the SA to mix it with the white highlighter and use it as a blush. It does work as a blush but still a waste as an eye colour. Pigmentation: Doesn't need alot to build up intensity but the blue gives my eyes a blue-black look if I use too much, so I don't apply much. Lasting Power: Due to the way I apply it, it's not that lasting. It fades and requires reapplication. Final Verdict: In truth these Paul & Joe palettes were the only palettes I used for most of 2008, but they didn't do much good for me, and when I got new colours, I ditched them. It's not really that cheap, but fortunately I got one of these palettes as a freebie. I think the colour combination sucks. While the packaging is so cute, I don't like most of the other palette colours in P&J either, so I won't be buying P&J eyeshadow palettes again. ----------------------------- Paul & Joe Eye Colour Palette 1 Colours: More natural than Palette 2, but as with 1, the pinkish-orange is a waste. I used this more than Palette 2. However, the colour is a bit muddy on me, so it doesn't really flatter me all that much. Booo. Image004copy L-R: The Face Shop Baked Shimmer All-Over Illuminator 003 Apricot Nuance, Milani Runway Eyes 03 Couture in Purples The Face Shop Baked Shimmer All-Over Illuminator 003 Apricot Nuance This is actually a blush, but the SA told me I could use it as an eyeshadow palette. Anyway, it's another big booboo for me. Texture: Gritty and powdery. Colours: I think oranges and apricots don't look good on me. This was made worse with the super glistening shimmer in the powder. It doesn't work well as an eyeshadow palette, and is worse as a blush. I only use the colours as a high-lighter but rarely as I don't have time for complicated makeup (I'm very slow). Pigmentation: Actually quite pigmented and intense. Lasting Power: Quite lasting. Final Verdict: It's not really that expensive and would work well for someone with suitable skin tones and who doesn't mind the super shimmer. ----------------------------- Milani Runway Eyes 03 Couture in Purples Texture: Powdery. Colours: Suitable for me but there's not much difference between the various colours. Pigmentation: It's too sheer, but not in a good way like in Japanese palettes. Not much pigmentation at all and can't build up much. I can't even do shading or whatever with the different colours. This coming from me, is bad. Very bad. Lasting Power: Fades and even after reapplication, I don't get much colour. Final Verdict: It's not at all cheap considering the quality. Again, fortunately I got it at a discount. I won't be buying Milani eyeshadow palettes again. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing!!!
that milani eyeshadows i have looked at a few times online but its just too skinny a strip of color to use properly with a brush i feel [i always use brushes]

np, ur package is here too XD they close the postoffice here over new year so i dont have a choice

will send u some samples i got from my gmarket haul!

fuzkittie said...

Hehe, the P&J palettes look very cute, too bad they're powdery.