Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Skinlite Paper Masks

I have been using Skinlite's paper masks recently. It is a brand produced by the same Korean company that made the eyemasks I've been using. I trusted this brand because I didn't have any skin reactions and had good results from the eyemasks. Image000 The Firming Lift Facial Essence Mask claims to ease lines, tighten and tone skin. It has a very weird smell, but it has a great effect. So far I've used it 2 times and I find my skin is plump and smoother after usage. I feel my skin is refreshed and hydrated, especially after a hard day's work. The Brightening Facial Essence Mask has a nicer smell and equally effective at providing hydration but I haven't noticed much brightening, though it claims to improve fairness and clarify the skin. I purchased these last month at Sasa's buy-2-get-1 free sale. At SG$9.90 per box, I paid a total of SG$19.80 for 3 boxes with a total of 9 masks. It is considered quite cheap even for SG$9.90 for a pack of 3 masks, and I'd go back to purchase more, especially for something so effective. I also saw it available at Watsons. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


Yumeko said...

i noticed bbcream by purederm
so u think this brand is good?
maybe i should try the bbcream

Anonymous said...

let me know if u want me to help do a cp for you to get those esprique shadows. ^^

i'm going to try the bbcream then since u had good luck with their products.

its cheaper than most bbcream too!