Saturday, 13 December 2008

Mega Tarte Failure

Haha, I was so excited when I saw that Tarte had a sale. Into my shopping cart went:
  • the eraser 4-in-1 natural concealer bisque
  • eye couture day-to-night eyeshadow palette eyeshadow palette
  • we wish you health skinvigorating™ set
  • vitamin infused lipgloss powered by BORBA apple-a-day (iridescent raspberry rose sheen)
  • double-ended lipgloss lloyd & diane
  • purse your lips limited-edition super fruit lip gloss clutch multi
Yes, I'm kind of a lip gloss nut. And I read their concealor was really good for undereye circles. Tarte does not ship internationally, so I thought I could use Vpost. But, I failed. Tarte only accepts US credit cards. Hrmphs! Should have tried to find that out before I shopped. Duh. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


fuzkittie said...

Awwww! :/

pinky"the-middle-name-is-princess"beanie said...

Hey, try shopping Aussie brands now. The exchange rate is really gd ;) and they ship in the AsiaPac region (well, at least the skincare ones I tried...). Hope this helps!