Friday, 26 December 2008

Photo Evidence: Hydra-detox & Ultimation

Photo Log 22 nov 2008 Photo of my eye, after using Loreal's Derma Genesis Eye Contour Cream (Photo was from the Diary of My Fight Against Eye Wrinkles post). Skin is very much improved but still I felt dehydrated, and the lines/dryness returned in full force when I didn't have the cream on. Image012copy Just-cleaned eye without any eye cream. Photo dated: 24 Dec 08 This is the state of my eyes, after using Ultimation and Astalution for a week. Not as dehydrated as before, even without any eye cream. (Used to be worse, when I was using L'oreal's Eye Contour Cream, when there is no eye cream, the eye area is parched ... nothing like what you see in the previous photo.) Image013copy Just a few seconds after applying Biotherm HYDRA-DETOX BIO-DEFENSIS Yeux and Beaute de Kose ULTIMATION Eye Cream. Eye looks very bright and oily, but feels comfy (probably shows how dehydrated I feel). Does it look like I am wearing eye brightener? There aren't any optical brighteners in the ingredients of these creams that I know of. I don't know what's doing the brightening, maybe it's just the oils from the creams. Image000copy A few minutes after the creams have settled and absorbed. Notice that deep line seems to have been plumped up ... Thoughts on Hydration and Improvements on Wrinkles With these photos, does it seem Loreal's Derma Genesis Eye Contour Cream is a better cream? It looks less oily and seems to have absorbed better. The skin seems clearer. However, I suspect that Loreal's Eye Contour Cream works by plumping the skin up, but hydration factor isn't that high, which is why the uncomfortable dryness is not soothed. Like I reported before, I needed to use another cream on top of it when I felt extremely dehydrated and uncomfortable. On the other hand, I receive alot of physical comfort and hydration from Ultimation. Since Ultimation soothes the dry feeling around my eyes, I think Ultimation works by hydrating and trying to improve the underlying structure of the skin. That's why the eye area doesn't look quite as plumped up, but the deep line is softened and hydrated. The eye area is also does not feel dry even when the eye area is just cleaned and there is no eye cream on it. Dark Circles and Freckles By the way, do my dark circles look any lighter to you? I don't think they have improved at all ... I don't think Biotherm's HYDRA-DETOX BIO-DEFENSIS Yeux is any use for the dark circles... And you can see my freckles, I have them even around my eye area, gah! Hopefully Biotherm's serum helps with lightening them. Additional Random Thoughts Maybe I should go see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon ... to get, you know, those skin treatments that smooth out the skin, remove/lighten wrinkles and remove the oil clots? It's just a sudden random thought, would need some research on that and would definitely like to hear your views. © Copyright. All rights reserved.

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sarsarblanki said...

I do agree Loreal's Derma Genesis Eye Contour Cream looks so much better~! You know what, I would say go for it, get a consultation from dermatologist or plastic surgeon as the out come result will gonna last for a very very long time hence isn't it save up money down the road? I had this oily issue around my nose and I gave up finding a moisturizer that will cater this problem as never get around finding one so I end up seeking a skin doctor about it and since then I don't face this problem anymore though the treatment took a long time^^ So go for it girl. I just bought Loreal's Derma Genesis Eye Contour Cream and hope it works on me and thanks for your review I finally bring myself and purchase one ehehehe~~~