Sunday, 7 December 2008

Being Silly is A Really Expensive Option

It just occurred to me, I might seem terribly spendthrift and extravagant! I swear I am not always so spendy like lately. Generally, I do try to be sensible and frugal. I tend to be quite stingy and compare prices, think alot before buying and prefer getting things that are cheap but efficient, such as drugstore brand cosmetics that deliver results. However, growing older, I find there are some things that I can't "make do" with. Once I find something I like, I really prefer to just keep going back to them. When I buy a substitute, I waste more money because often I am not satisfied. Also, my weakness is, when I'm stressed, I like to pamper myself a little. And it changes about, the things I like, but I do admit it's a really expensive way to de-stress. As the year comes to a close, I'm re-evaluating myself. And I must remember it's important to buy useful things and not just anything that catches my fancy or buying "substitutes" that are not really what I desire. Like Polar said, "When you buy this bag, make sure you use it! Not just keep it at home like the other one!" (She doesn't know I kept many other things at home, not using them ... hahaha...) © Copyright. All rights reserved.

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