Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Bobbi Brown Haul

After work today, I returned That Darned Bling Bling Bag and got a refund. Then I walked to another department store and bought these from Bobbi Brown. Image002 Ohoh I seriously don't know how to save money, do I? So, now I'm a Bobbi Brown Club member and I have 6 free makeup lessons to attend! Image003 I never knew this, but if you spend SG$150 you can become a club member and receive these makeup lessons: (1) Beautiful skin, (2) Perfect brow, (3) Everything about eyes, (4) Natural blush, (5) Perfect lip, (6) Conceal and cover up and finally a complimentary Makeover or Brow Grooming. Nice huh? On top of this, if you gather 500 points ($1 per point), you get a lifetime membership and can redeem stuff from your points. Cool. The SA showed me a better way to apply the brightener and concealor (I have a separate report on this that will be coming up in the next post). And, I totally love the palette and lip gloss! They are so me, so terribly colourless and monotonous, aren't they? Left on my own, I'm sure I'll use them in such a way that no one knows I'm using any makeup at all. Ugh, the bane of my life! I hope I have the time to go for these classes and learn some updated makeup styles. A little personal history: When I was 18, just after Junior College (our equivalent of American High Schools), my parents sent me for a grooming class, so I can walk, talk, eat and dress properly (ie. know how to be a nice in society). LOL!! Though I graduated well enough from that, I think my personality is too strong and I never did get into the highly-groomed woman role, preferring a more natural style. It's only recently that I find myself revisiting the idea of looking more polished. Finally, I have some news to share. I was at the Kose counter at Takashimaya and found out something. This might be old news to Kose fans in Singapore, but the SA told me Esprique will be coming to Singapore sometime next year! Yeah! © Copyright. All rights reserved.


fuzkittie said...

Sweet! Mind sharing how she recommended to apply the brightener? I find it quite to easy to use too much when I use the brightener, hehe.

Anonymous said...

i also want to know how she reccomended to apply the brightener XD

my sister is a member too
she bought me that christmas palette which i am not allowed to use till christmas XD

Dor said...

At least I am the one person who don't know Esprique is coming haha. Thanks for the info, I can't wait to see the range here.