Monday, 29 December 2008

2008 Best Of/Worst Of: Makeup Base

Best of 2008: Makeup Base Legere's BB Cream is the best base I've used in 2008 and the only one I used since I purchased it. I discussed the benefits I enjoyed from using Legere BB Cream in a previous post: Legere BB Cream & Beauty Credit Color Lotion, so in this post, I shall compare it with another Legere BB Cream I have. A few weeks ago, I purchased another tube of Legere BB Cream, Water Drop Shiny Pearl, Oil Free. I have been alternating between White Multi Legere BB Cream and Water Drop, depending on my mood. Image002copy According to the SA, the 2 have exactly the same colours and benefits. The only difference being Water Drop has more moisture, a pearly-dewy finish and is oil free. Howver, I found they are not exactly the same. Image003copy Colour: From the tube Water Drop appears lighter than White Multi but after spreading, they seem to have the same colour. Water Drop doesn't really appear more pearly. Image005copy Texture: Water Drop is more liquid. Both spread and blend easily. Image006copy Coverage: White Multi has better coverage. Water Drop is a little more sheer, close to but better than simple water-based foundation. Lasting Power: White Multi lasts longer through the day but I'm beginning to like Water Drop a little more, as it leaves the skin with a natural dewy look. Final Verdict: I'd probably buy both again, due to affordability and good results. I like that I can choose either, depending on my mood and how my skin is acting that day. I would have gone so far as to say, since I found a good base, I might not buy anything else next year, but I'm soooo tempted by Chanel Lift Lumiere, so I'll reserve a space for that option. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


fuzkittie said...

Yes!!! Finally someone who has tried both! Thank you sooo much for sharing this. I want to try water drop even more now~~ Hehe. L'egere is the best.

sarsarblanki said...

Oh Water Drop Shiny Pearl is available in Singapore? XD eeepp!Am thinking to get one and try! Am wondering how much does it cost and where can I purchase it?(^ ^;;

So far the loreal's eye cream seems working and it does somehow make my dark circle much lighter hehe~~but I do face the same issue as you where I find it doesn't really hydrate my under eyes that much and I too need to apply another layer of other eye cream on top of it XD
Not since this is my 3rd day using it so I hope I'll get to see some result after 10days? LOL

nina said...

I wonder if the water drop one has obvious pearls? n do you still like them both equally or which one do you like better now? thanks. =)