Saturday, 20 December 2008

Biotherm Product Review

I was previously using a combination of The Face Shop's Eco Vert Moisturiser and L'oreal Derma Genesis Intensive Night Cream. I found the Derma Genesis lacks hydration even though it does seem to help clarify my skin, and Eco Vert moisturised and protected but did little else. So, feeling the need for more skin improvements, especially in terms of moisturisation and hydration, I purchased these Biotherm Line Peel Day and Night Cream last week, sold as a set for a discount at SG$154. I think they are normally SG$80-90 plus each, I forget the exact price. (Edit: Line Peel Day cream - S$110, Line Peel Nuit - S$110) blog 018copy According to the SA, this one is gentle for sensitive skin, helps skin renewal and clarify texture. Also helps to protect against environmental damage. The information leaflet that comes in the package says it contains skin illuminators too, that optically correct skin flaws and brighten texture. I have been using them for almost a week and I find them good for moisturisation, My skin does feel more hydrated than before, so the creams are better than what I used before and do not just provide cosmetic improvement from the illuminators. But I can't tell if they are really very much better than what I was previously using in other aspects, such as clarifying the skin or skin renewal. As for my eyes, I was previously using the Derma Genesis Eye Contour Cream, and though it seemed to help my lines, I still felt it wasn't moisturising enough, as I explained in my previous review. So, for my dark circles and dehydrated eyes, I was told by the SA to use the White Detox Yeux. I purchased both the White Detox Yeux Eye Essence and the White Detox Whitening Concentrate as a set for the discount price of SG$154. I think these are also normally SG$80-90 each, I also forget the exact price. (Edit: whitening essence - $105) blog 017copy White Detox Yeux does quite a good job of depuffing, because one morning, I woke with puffy eyes from crying the night before over a sad movie (LOL!) and it really helped my eyes depuff. But I don't normally have a problem with puffiness. Over the last week, I had to combine it with the Derma Genesis Eye Contour Cream, but I was dissatisfied with the hydration, even when using both. It's altogether not moisturising enough, because my skin felt continually dehydrated, my eye makeup don't look smooth, and after washing my face, the skin around my eyes felt extremely dry, ie. the moisture does not stay in the skin and improve it. My dark circles do seem to have slightly lightened, but only slightly. How sad. I don't think I'll ever remove my dark circles ... That was why I purchased the Beaute de Kose Ultimation cream and Kose Astalution Eye Masks a few days ago. As for the White Detox Whitening Concentrate, I never meant to whiten my skin, only wanted to clarify it. However, after using White Detox Whitening Concentrate for a week, last night I realised with horror that my face was getting whiter than my neck! Oops! I forgot to apply the whitening concentrate on my neck! So, gradually without me noticing, the whitening concentrate was effectively whitening my skin. Right now, I feel so weird with slightly 2-toned skin (1 tone on my face, another on my neck and arms), so I'm restarting use of my Nivea Whitening Body Lotion on my arms and neck. Hopefully I'll have 1-tone skin soon. The following were gifts with purchase and some samples (I forgot to photograph the Aqua Trio samples). Overall, Biotherm doesn't seem to provide dramatic improvement or impact on the skin. I do feel the creams are good for hydration. However, if my skin clarity and hydration improves with continued use of the Biotherm creams and concentrate, I'll be in a dilemma when the time comes to purchase new creams after I finish using this set ... because I'm considering getting Kose instead. Oh, and I forgot to tell you, I got membership for both Kose and Biotherm! Ahhh!! Spending too much!! blog 019copy blog 020copy © Copyright. All rights reserved.

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Yumeko said...

i tried a sample of that biotherm pink bottle. my skin is too oily for it T-T the next day my skin broke out in little pimples on my nose and some on forehead

really small pimples but distressing nonetheless T-T