Monday, 15 December 2008

Magazine Scans 女人我最大 2008 冬季号

I'm curious ... Do Kose SA have a way of looking and knowing whether your skin is suitable for their products? My skin is generally ok, but I needed a better eye cream and also wanted to try their Sekkisei lotion. But the SA don't seem to want to sell me their skincare product! I tried several counters but at all of them the SA were taciturn and unwilling to explain the products or their benefits. Is it because they think the product won't suit me? Now I'm afraid to buy because they are usually fine when I try to ask them about makeup. Ended up buying $300 plus worth of Biotherm skincare products instead. I started using them yesterday. Will report on the efficacy of the products after a few days of use. Here are some photo/scans of the Queen magazine (女人我最大) 2008 winter issue from Taiwan that I just bought. It's a very nice magazine, filled with lots of information and tips like those Japanese magazines. Image014 How to Dress in Boots: for Short Legs vs Fat Leg. Hahaaha. Image013 Exercises Image012 Pages and pages of eye cream comparisons and reviews. Image010 Make Up Instructions Image009 Image002 Hair Styles © Copyright. All rights reserved.


pinky"the-middle-name-is-princess"beanie said...

ooh, great buy! The mag is really very value-for-money I feel :) rather hard to turn to HW or Fe... after I've started reading Jap/Tw fashion mags

Yumeko said...

oh oh i so want this
can you help me buy it as i am not going taiwan anytime soon T-T
will help u get something in japan

fuzkittie said...

OMG I need that magazine!!! *dies*

Ooo Biotherm, I've only tried their body stuff.. Hope you like them~

sarsarblanki said...

Oh I must get myself that mag!! Thanks for posting as I've been wanting to get the mag but always hesitate as thought it will be full of advertisement instead where most mag usually does >_<

Dor said...


You can read more about Kose Sekkisei product here.

I love their product and I personally feel that they are far better then Biotherm.

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