Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Buying Benefit Online

Benefit's cosmetics are not faaaaaantastic but I am constantly drawn to them. It might have alot to do with the marketing (all those cute names!), packaging (so retro-cute!) and wonderful copywriting (all those great descriptions). I do have some success with a number of their products, so I still like looking and planning purchases from Benefit. While surfing, I just found out that Benefit ships internationally at a rather reasonable price. It's worth it in my opinion to buy online, because I realised Benefit's prices in Singapore are heavily marked up, even higher than buying online with shipping and the exchange rate.
Right now, it's even more worth it to buy online because there is a Free International Shipping promo for any $115 purchase (I'm not sure how long it lasts as there is no expiry date on the website).
The first thing I'd love to have is Peace, Love and Glossiness.
However, I should be strong and think of buying them only after I recover from my Christmas splurging, though they are limited editions. Since they are categorised as Holiday Products, I suspect they'll stay available only as long as there are stocks available.
I'm also thinking Realness of Concealness might be a good buy, because it contains Ooh-la-lift, High Beam and Lemon Aid.
And, I also like their Creaseless Cream Eyeshadows. I own one in Stiletto, which I purchased during the local Benefit Sale. I use it as a liner and it doesn't crease or fade, so I'd love to get one of the newer Spring 09 shades, Flyin Down To ... © Copyright. All rights reserved.


Dor said...

Benefit online give free international shipping so long you spend above $100. I am tempted to order too.

fuzkittie said...

Hmm I never really liked anything from Benefit except the face color powders.. I guess the packaging doesn't get to me, hahaha.