Saturday, 6 December 2008

My New Bag

It's been a really tough work week, and I kept thinking about getting a new bag. I asked a friend overseas to help me get a Dior, which I think might be cheaper there, but I changed my mind about Dior. And though I told another friend, "Gucci is so common, everyone seems to be carrying it!" ... I kept thinking about a cheaper-than-retail everyday bag, so .... Yipee!! I bought a new bag today at the Gucci sale. Image001 But I don't see it on any of the online galleries. Must be an old version or something. I don't even know what's its name. I'm such a sua-ku* actually. I don't keep up with information on these branded stuff and I didn't even think to ask the SA! I was just so happy with the feel and size of it. I simply wanted a nice bag that I can use for everyday, something large-ish that I can sling over my shoulder. It's discounted by SG$400plus, so I think it was rather worth the effort of waking up and going to Takashimaya this morning. No queues, no crowds. Just helpful SAs (actually not all the SAs were helpful but that's another story). I think many of the totes are sold out, that's why this is all that's left which is not gold leather (didn't want those with gold leather, cause this bag is supposed to be an everyday bag and the gold will peel off if I use it daily). Actually, I wanted to get this bag in the version with the brown leather strap and trims but there was only the display piece left, no new piece both at Takashimaya and Paragon, so I decided on the white leather version instead. Anyway, when I made a comparison, I thought this one looked a little more fresh for me, especially when I always wear dark coloured clothes anyway. And I nearly, almost bought another Gucci, the Duchessa boston bag but I already have a boston-style bag and I seldom use it because I find it hard to use a bag without slinging it on my shoulder. Anyway, the son helped me decide on this one. He said it's the right size for me. Keke. So it was, sensibly, this brief-case looking one over the smaller boston bag. After buying this bag, I went to Coach to take a look again and ... hmm I didn't buy anything from there, though it is very popular because alot of the bags on discount have been sold already. There's another bag I want to get, I went to look at it just before we headed for lunch. It's the LV Tivoli PM, I found it sooooo cute and I liked the way it felt ... but it costs SG$1500plus here in Singapore, so I didn't buy it (and it's a hand-held bag ... hmmm me and hand-held bags...) I did want the Neverfull, but then thought, it's unsafe for me to use that sort of bag. I dropped things out of bags without zippers before! Yes, I dropped and LOST(!) a new handphone, which my husband gave me as a present! :P So, well, I'm hoping I could get the Tivoli cheaper ... I have some ideas ... But, that's for later, can't be extravagant ... I don't think this style will be gone soon right? It's not one of those ... sold out by a certain time, never to return designs, is it? And I shouldn't get another hand-held bag ... no, I shouldn't ... should I? *sua-ku is the local term for someone who is a hick ... kekeke. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


coyohti said...

If you find a bag on US Nordstrom or Macy's (or similar website) for cheaper than in Singapore I would be happy to try to help you get it!

Your new bag is so elegant! And a great size, too!

pinky"the-middle-name-is-princess"beanie said...

Wow, I'm drooling over your bag *thumbs up*