Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Morning Musings

  • I'm returning That Darned Bling Bling Bag!!
  • Using Lunasol's blush (Contrasting Cheeks N Soft Silver Blush) from the Party Coffret: It's beeeeautiful on me! The first blush I like!! Ever! I always hate blush because I don't really like too much colour on my face. I thought plums suit me better for a natural look but this is one gorgeous sheer, natural colour that brightens my face and freshens me up. I need to rethink my blush colour choices.
  • Putting on a peachy-pink concealor combination of Mac and Bourjoir then adding more eye gel on top to remove/prevent cakiness (tip from Benefit SA) seems to help, but I still can' t get rid of the supreme darkness residing in the inner botton corners of my eyes. Shall go look at Bobbi Brown's eye brightener today - wish me luck - hope the SA is good and not haughty like the one I spoke to on Sunday.
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Anonymous said...

oh you returning the bag! i wasnt sure abt it cos it was blue XD more than anything else

let me know wat i can get you in return or if you want me to paypal the $$ instead?

thanks dear!

btw you going to dollaffair this year? celeste sold some of my stuff there last year but i couldnt get everything done this year so no participation. let me know if you go

fuzkittie said...

Haha, well your son won I guess!

Good luck at Bobbi Brown.