Monday, 22 December 2008

Bobbi Brown: How to Apply Eye Brightener and Concealor

When I purchased my Bobbi Brown eye brightener, the SA showed me how to use it with concealer. Here, I'll try to recap what she taught me with as good a description as possible, I'm not putting up any photos, because I normally only apply makeup just before I leave the house and I don't have time to do a set of step-by-step photos. Also, my abilities are limited. Even though I try to replicate what the SA taught me, I'm not always successful. Just yesterday, I thought I did quite a good job with the eye brightener and concealor, but today, I seem to have botched it. I think I just need more practice. Ok, on to the step-by-step description:
  1. The SA applied moisturiser to soften and hydrate my undereye.
  2. Then, she used a Bobbi Brown concealor brush to dip and pick up a little eye brightener. She told me I could use any small eyeshadow brush with a compact brush head approximately the same size as the Bobbi Brown concealor brush.
  3. She dotted the eye brightener below my eyes, then blended lightly and also blended downwards toward the cheek area.
  4. After blending, she used her finger to pat and even out the eye brightener a little more.
  5. Not all my dark shadows are covered after this, so she picked up concealor with the concealor brush and dabbed it on only the darkest areas. Again blending carefully and lightly, then pat to even out.
  6. Use only a little (she told me not too much) powder to set. She used a small powder brush to pick up the powder and brush it on lightly.

This method has helped to create a brighter eye area for me and also conceal my dark circles rather more effectively than when I was only using concealor (Thank you Fuzkittie for the recommendation!). Now it's just up to me to practise so I can do it quickly and achieve a consistent good result.

By the way, I don't use the Bobbi Brown cream concealor. I am using the Mac Select Moisture Cover which I bought previously and my Mac Studio Perfect Powder Foundation or Benefit Georgia (the orange-peach-pink combination seems to work best for my dark circles).

Cream concealors tend to settle thickly and cake up on my dry skin, so I avoid them like a plague. Fortunately the Bobbi Brown eye brightener is more liquid and is moisturising enough for me to use with comfort. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


fuzkittie said...

Ooo thanks for sharing this! I'm glad the brightener is working out for you~ Yea I imagine it being a good way to conceal HEAVY dark circles, first brighten up the area then conceal with something that is more opaque.

I only use the brightener and it works pretty well~ Still using my fingers though, I'm so lazy. Haha.

sarsarblanki said...

wow thanks for sharing the steps!its gonna be very useful ^O^