Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Mango Sales Tactic

I was on leave when the much-loved Mango sale started the week before. We were walking about at Takashimaya (I do go there alot, don't I? I never realised) and I thought I'd like to take a look at the sale. However, once I entered the shop I saw the crowd and wanted to leave. Turning around to the door, I was told by the SA stationed there that I need to head to the other end of the shop to get out. While squeezing through the crowd, I spotted a cardigan and I stopped to take a look. Then another cardigan ... and by the time I headed to the exit, I had purchased 2 cardigans at a nice discount. What might have perhaps been a way to control the crowd is possibly also a clever sales tactic to force shoppers to walk through the store! Once people see things they like, it's more likely they'll stop, look closer and eventually buy. Image004 Image003 © Copyright. All rights reserved.