Sunday, 21 December 2008

Not Fated To Use Kose Skin Care

Be prepared for scary skin pictures (edit: ugh, I felt my skin looked too gross, so I've removed the photos) ... I'm quite upset. My skin was fine for this week when I used the Biotherm creams and the Ultimation eye cream. Then yesterday morning, I started using the Ultimation lotion samples. It made my skin soft and hydrated, not oily, but this is what started happening last night and got worse this morning when I woke up ... Pimples, itchy scaly-dry skin and itchy bumpy rash, pores enlarged terribly ... I do have old enlarged pores from old pimples and probably from skin sag due to aging but this is a horrible worsening of my skin condition ... Look at the scaly skin near my driest areas around my mouth and cheeks! It seems to have gotten worse ... and turned into some kind of contact dermatitis!! OMG ... *photos removed It is exactly what happened to me when I used Sekkisei in the past, many years ago. Just to clarify, my skin used to be slightly oily but it is now no longer oily, it is now quite dry (you can see the dryness in some area) and that is why I need to look for hydrating skin care ... I may need to fall back on natural products ... looks like my skin is too sensitive to try products with advanced-tech ingredients ... *SOB* ... (ref my previous post about Jurlique ... looks like I need my Recovery Gel all the more now *SOB SOB!*). I was so determined to give Kose another try but it looks like the SAs were right when they seemed like they didn't want to sell me any of their skin care. They do know how to look at the skin and decide if it's suitable for their skin care products ... Good thing the Taka SA told me not to buy the lotion but try it with the samples first ... I did say I am dense in this way, didn't I? It took so long and so much for me to finally arrive at this conclusion and accept the truth that I am not fated to use Kose Skin Care ... luckily the eye cream and eye masks are still working out well ... But, you know what? I thought if the eye cream and masks are ok with Kose, it means it should be ok for the skin on the rest of the face too ... I don't quite get the logic behind this. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


Yumeko said...

oh oh dear!!!! i am sorry to hear what happened! i am a bit advocate of kose as it works for me but i know it is not the case for everyone.


does fancl work for you?
they claim to be quite natural too

fuzkittie said...

Aww!! I hope your skin gets back to normal soon~ That really sucks. I agree with Yumeko, Fancl is supposed to be pretty natural..