Thursday, 25 December 2008

New Revelations on Majolica Majorca Neo Automatic Liner

I am not all that happy with my Majolica Majorca items anymore. Image010copy Photo of my eye at the end of the day: dated 24 Dec 08. Majolica Majorca Automatic Neo Liner Never used to wear makeup often so perhaps I never noticed it, but the Majolica Automatic Neo Liner flakes off in small bits and dot my eyes. I need to look for another liquid/gel liner. Pencil liners smudge and fade very fast, no matter how water/smudge proof they claim to be, so they are out for me. Maybe I'll go look for something, make good use of the post-Christmas sales. Side note: You probably can't see my liner in the photo. Due to the shape of my eyes, I purposely draw the liner on the eyelash line only and no higher, just to define my eyes a little and also give the illusion of thicker lashes. I don't like the harsh look of a thick dark line of eyeliner. I'm quite grouchy-looking so it doesn't do well to make my eyes look fiercer ... Majolica Majorca Limited Lash Gorgeous Wing Mascara in Golden Brown I like using Majolica's Limited Lash Gorgeous Wing Mascara in Golden Brown as a coat over any other mascara I'm wearing to add some sparkle, but sometimes too much of it comes off the brush, then it clumps and leaves a powdery white look on my lashes. Wearing it on it's own is still ok, so it's not a big loss. Eye Brightener and Concealor As you can see, I botched the brightener-concealor application that day. The eyes look so bright ... and yet the darkness at the corner is still so apparent. Feel quite hopeless about this. © Copyright. All rights reserved.

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Anonymous said...

HUGS i am sure the eye brighter/concealer thing just takes some time

eyeliner, i use kpalette , works wonders

koji eyeliner is good too as it is easier to remove but for long lasting, go kpalette! its the number 1 selling here too