Thursday, 18 December 2008

Japanese Cosmetic Counter Brands (Part 3): Kose

I am happy to report that I believe I found the Kose counter that has the best SAs! It's the Kose counter at Takashimaya. I visited that counter 3 times. The first time, I purchased a Eye Fantasist with the help of the SA. The second time, I asked the SA about Espique and she was friendly, sharing the news that it will come to Singapore next year. Yesterday was the third time I visited that counter and I was assisted by the best SA I've encountered with Kose so far. She was wearing a Cosme Decorte tag and helped to advise me on the best items to purchase according to my needs. Kose, Takashimaya Yesterday, I was feeling extremely bothered that everything I was using wasn't really helping to improve my eye problems, in particular the dryness. I constantly felt my skin was dehydrated and tight, so, I was determined to find a good eye cream. The dryness around my eyes also hindered me from achieving a smooth look when I apply concealer. After dinner with my son I headed to the Takashimaya Kose counter, determined to find something there. I have been hearing and reading good reports about Kose products both from online reviews and from friends. I was honestly very keen to use the products if I only I could find something suitable. I also wanted to look at the Fantasist makeup coffret again to decide on whether to purchase it. Anyway, I was at the products at the counter when the SA wearing the Cosme Decorte tag approached me. She simply stood next to me unobtrusively for a while and I didn't feel pressured by her presence. After a few moments, I asked her what's the best lotion to buy if I feel my skin needs moisture. She proceeded to check a few more details about my requirements and then told me if I wanted moisture, Ultimation would be the best bet, so she showed me the lotion. I found I liked the moisturising sensation. The SA also told me it will help to brighten the skin. Then I asked her about eye creams, and was specifically requesting a moisturising one (I totally ignored my dark circle problem at that point because I am already using something and hoping it will work). She showed me the Ultimation eye cream then proceeded to explain more details about the cream. In response to my question about the differences between Sekkisei and Ultimation, she told me Sekkisei is more for whitening, and the moisturisation factor for whitening products is usually lower, so if I'm really looking for moisture, Ultimation would be better. When she noticed I was hesitant and indecisive, she took the initiative to advise me to get the eyecream first, and an eyemask because by her evaluation, she feels my skin is ok but perhaps my eye issues are of greater concern to me. She said not to buy the Ultimation lotion but to try the lotion which was available in the gift with purchase. Also without prompting she very politely and unaggressively advised me avoid rubbing my eyes because it will contribute highly to creating dark circles. Massage gently but try hard not to rub my eyes as the eye area has blood vessels that will burst and the blood pooling there could lead to the look of very dark eye circles. In truth, I do rub my eyes. They get so dry and are often irritated. Although I honestly told her I couldn't decide whether to purchase from her because I have a 5% rebate at Robinsons but not at Takashimaya, she did not change her very good service attitude. Instead, she told me pleasantly I can buy at Robinsons too because Ultimation will also be available there. Can I say that I'm SUPER impressed with her? Her demeanour was professional and approachable. She was knowledgeable about her products and she was able to give good recommendations. Well, I finally decided to buy from Takashimaya instead of walking over to Robinsons because I was very impressed with this SA and I sincerely wanted to close the sale with her. I was also very pissed with the Robinsons' Kose counter SAs and didn't feel like buying from them. HAHA what a spoilt customer I am huh? I think I must get the Takashimaya rebate card, because Takashimaya is the place with the best SAs for both Kose and Kanebo. To complete my review on Japanese brand counters I'll just give a rough run down on the other counters I visited, without too many details. Kose, BHG, Bugis Junction Nice, unassuming and helpful SA but a little confused. When I first heard about Lunasol in November, I somehow thought it was a Kose product. So when I was at the Kose counter, I mistakenly asked the Kose SA about Lunasol and she told me Lunasol is no longer available, and then peered over to the Kanebo counter but didn't say anything else. I only found out later that I made a mistake and that Lunasol is from Kanebo, not Kose. LOL. Kose, Robinsons Centrepoint Very unpleasant SA. She showed me 2 eye creams then stopped talking. *eek* How was I to decide between these 2 if she can't look at my skin and advise? Ack! Then she showed me the Sekkisei and when I picked up a bottle from the counter to take a look, she shrieked and snatched it from me, saying, "It's not a tester!!!" Then walked away with the bottle, holding it like she was nursing a hurt baby. What? How was I supposed to know? It was displayed on the counter!! #_# Veeeery. Creeeeepy. Kose, Robinsons Raffles City Polar was with me there. She witness how the SA was distracted and took a long time getting my Eye Fantasist from behind the counter. The SA then showed me an eyecream when I asked but didn't explain more, just showed me a brochure. :p Ofcourse, I was uncertain about her recommendation and didn't buy anything else from her even though she was pretty friendly and chatted with us about the long queue at the cashier. Kose, John Little, Plaza Singapura A rather nice girl. Hoever, as I was asking about Sekkisei, she looked at my skin and tried to explain its efficacies to me but seemed a little hesitant to recommend me to buy it. So I told her I'll return later to check it out and never bought Sekkisei. Ok, that's all the reports I have for now. I don't think I should go into Orchard Road anymore until after Christmas (for Chinese New Year shopping .. *gasp*)!!!! OMG. I need to go on an austerity drive for an entire quarter of next year!!! © Copyright. All rights reserved.


fuzkittie said...

My next purchase is the eye masks, I swear! Haha.. How nice of her and her willingness to help would also prompt me to buy from her!

pinky"the-middle-name-is-princess"beanie said...

Thanks for the review :) I shall check out those eye products! :)

Yes, I'm seriously considering getting a Taka rebate card too. Somehow their sales people seem better there, or at least I've had more pleasant encounters there. Yes, even for the other depts like bags, mens n so on