Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Skincare History

While chatting with Pinky yesterday, I was reminded of why I didn't continue with Jurlique products and went on to try Fancl instead. Jurlique isn't big on whitening and among the things I want from my skin care is clarifying action. I have alot of freckles and I don't want them to turn into huge dark age spots. So, besides sunscreen, whitening or some form of clarifying is needed in the products that I use. Yesterday, I used my sample pack of Herbal Recovery Gel from Jurlique exclusively. It might be my imagination but while it soothed and sped up healing of my tender skin (that was reacting from using a wrong product), I felt my skin was lacking clarity that I would normally get after my usual skincare routine. Sigh, we women are hard to please, aren't we? Anyway this prompted me to try to recall my skincare history and my search for the perfect products: Kose & Shiseido In my teens and University days, I tried Kose and Shiseido with disastrous results (similar to recent events) that left me with scars that have never really healed and a perpetually weakened skin structure (because I listened to the well-meaning SAs and persisted in finishing up the products then buying more, with the hope that the skin will detoxify and normalise). Clarins & Jurlique Following this, I used Clarins then switched to Jurlique. While they helped my skin heal and recover from the Kose-Shiseido trauma, I felt they didn't give me skin clarity and smoother texture because they were not big on whitening. So, I went over to Fancl, besides wanting to dump Jurlique for being so expensive, I was hoping Fancl would give me what I was looking for in terms of whitening. But although Fancl is natural and less expensive, at that time, whitening was also not that big for them. The Face Shop Then when I married, we were not rich (erm we're still not rich now but comfortable enough), just bought our own place starting off with our careers, and a bit later, bringing up our child. So, with bills to pay and Fancl not giving me the results dramatic results I was looking for, I reached a point when I felt I had to give up on Fancl and find some cheaper alternatives. I think at that time, Korean skin care products starting showing up on our shores. So I went over to The Face Shop and was sold on it, becoming their regular customer. I was mighty happy with their products that combined affordability, gentle and healing natural ingredients, and sufficient clarifying action. That is, until I discovered my eye cream wasn't doing the job it was supposed to do at all (see my post on Fighting Eye Wrinkles)! At the same time, I started feeling my skin was getting more and more dehydrated. So I went off on the search for new products. I headed back for Kose and Shiseido mainly because I am abit brainwashed by the local perceptions. Among those I know and also my mom, Kose and Shiseido are thought of as being among the best for Asian skincare. I also thought my skin had matured and changed enough to be able to use them again but I thought wrong I guess. Fortunately, I can use the Kose eye products (which are still my Holy Grail for eye treatments). And Biotherm's face creams and serums are giving me the hydration I'm looking for but I have not used it long enough to decide on the clarifying and anti-aging efficacy. Rationale for Change Well then, I think this leads to the question: "OMG, why am I constantly changing products? " Polar told me to stop trying new things and give my skin a break! LOL. I am going to follow her advice. But, I do have a reason for this constant skincare search: It is probably because I am hoping for a miracle ... something that will treat my skin gently, yet give clarity and hydration, improve texture, and prevent aging, but doesn't break the bank (I still have to be the prudent wife and mother afterall). I feel I still haven't found the right type of products that gives the best balance of all these factors and criteria. So, I will continue to test and try until I find the solution ... but after my skin has recovered ofcourse. Additional Final Thoughts I was also reminded by Tine's comment in my Sensitive Skin post that contact dermatitis could happen even if one doesn't have sensitive skin, so do stop using the product if any adverse reactions happen after you use it. © Copyright. All rights reserved.

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fuzkittie said...

Hehe, yea quick changing of skincare products can really mess up the skin! I have stuck with La Mer for pretty long and I looove it!