Friday, 19 December 2008

It's a Race! Go, Go, Go!

Out of the office the whole day without access to a computer or the internet. So ofcourse the first thing I do before going to bed is update my blog. It's not a beauty post but wanted to share with everyone my first experience at the Night Races at the Singapore Turf Club. Image000 Image002a It was a freaking tiring day but the evening programme spent at the Turf Club was fun. Really nice experience being part of a VIP group, sitting at the highest level Committee Box and seeing people dressed to the nines, wining, dining, betting and screaming when they won. LOL! Image003 Hohoho, lookie at those people taking photos in the other neighbouring box. At least I tried to be discreet ... because I was the ONLY ONE doing it in our box. LOL! Image002 I didn't bet though. Every time I was too focussed on eating and chatting, and didn't realise it was time to bet. By the time I realised, I haven't looked at any of the horse or jockey information yet, so I didn't know who to bet on! Personally, I don't like the races, so I'd never have come if not for today's special schedule. We were also brought down to look at the horses coming in and going out for the races ... up close ... beautiful animals! (But too fast for my silly old camera phone, hence the blurry picture.) Image001 © Copyright. All rights reserved.

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pinky"the-middle-name-is-princess"beanie said...

Ooh, looks exciting :) Why were you at the races?