Saturday, 27 December 2008

Good Customer Service Makes for Returning Customers

Last Sunday, based on recommendations from the SA, I purchased a tub of gel liner from The Face Shop (TFS) at Plaza Singapura. Since I needed a liner brush to use that gel liner, I also purchased a TFS liner brush. When I returned home, I opened all my purchases, as is my usual habit, and found to my dismay that the tub of gel liner had dried up. It was dried to such an extent that the gel shrinked away from the sides of the tub and formed a solid pillar in the middle, like a mini crayon had been stuck inside. I dug my brush into the tub but couldn't get any gel liner out at all. It's no longer a gel, but a piece of hardened dark-coloured cake. On Monday, I called the Vivocity TFS branch and asked if I could exchange the item in Vivocity instead of Plaza Singapura. The SA said yes, so I headed down there on my way home. TFS doesn't have a return policy but they do have an exchange policy. So, when I got there the SA told me, I can get another item but the special discount that I got for the gel liner could not be applied on the price of the exchange item. Ie. if the gel liner was $10 after the 15% makeup sale discount, I can exchange for an item of $10 or more value but I cannot apply the 15% makeup discount, even if it's a makeup item. Complicated? I wasn't happy at all. On top of that I couldn't use my 5% member discount, but it's only 5%, I didn't bother to argue. Overall, I was happy enough they were willing to take back the opened gel liner and the messed up brush. I picked a toner for the exchange, which wouldn't have been eligible for the 15% makeup discount anyway. I was also happy I could exchange the product at a different but more convenient branch. That made me a sufficiently satisfied customer. © Copyright. All rights reserved.

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