Thursday, 18 December 2008

Holy Grail of Eye Solutions: Kose Astalution and Ultimation

I may have found my Holy Grail of Eye Solutions. I purchased it last night from Kose (will tell you about my shopping experience in another post) - Kose ASTALUTION Eye Zone Mask and Beaute de Kose ULTIMATION Eye Cream. This morning, my eyes look better than it has been in a long time and feel better too. Circles seem to have lightened, skin is moisturised, lines and crepiness filled out. The undereye makeup seem to be smoother too. Let me retrace the things I did to arrive at this point: I used the Kose ASTALUTION Eye Zone Mask last night. It is full of orange-coloured serum and was extremely soothing. After I removed the eye patch I gently massaged in the remaining serum. There was still alot of serum in the package so I used as much as I liked, applied some on the corners of my mouth as well where there was dryness and still had some more left to keep for use the next day! This morning, my eyes looked rested and less wrinkled! It felt better too, because there's none of the dehydrated, tired feeling around my eyes that have been bothering me alot lately. The dark circles seem to have been alleviated even though Astalution isn't marketed for lightening dark circles. After I applied my Biotherm HYDRA-DETOX BIO-DEFENSIS Yeux (I will review this later together with my other Biotherm products), I put on a small rice-grain amount (as instructed by the SA) of the Beaute de Kose ULTIMATION Eye Cream. It feels like there is too little to go over both eyes but when I applied it, the cream was not only enough for both eyes, it was absorbed quickly and easily. Then I applied my undereye makeup, carefully and taking my time. The concealor did not cake up and I didn't have to apply as much as I previously had to. In fact, the overall look is smoother. (I had a good think to recall the instructions carefully and I will make a post about how the Bobbi Brown makeup artist/SA taught me to apply eye brightener and concealor). I liked Purederm Anti-wrinkle Gel Patches that I reviewed previously for its efficacy at a fantastic affordable price, but I must confess it pales in comparison to Kose ASTALUTION Eye Zone Mask! There's something extra in Kose ASTALUTION Eye Zone Mask, I can feel it in my eyes. Sometimes, products work while they are still on the skin but after it is removed, eg. after a shower or after you clean your face, the skin still feels unchanged, eg, if it was previously dry, it still feels dehydrated. On the other hand when I used these 2 products, I felt like the underlying problems have also been treated, so that overall, my skin has become healthier! I know it is too soon to make such an exaggerated proclamation, after all I've only just started using these products! But I am so happy with the immediate visible and experiential improvement that I truly believe this will be a good long term solution. I will continue to use these products and hopefully I have even more good news to report after a few weeks or even months. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


fuzkittie said...

Hmmm sounds really nice!! I love eye masks~

Dor said...

Your review just came at the right time. I wanted to get eyemask for myself too. Like you, my undereye area is very dry and wrinkled. How much you is it. Any picture to show?

Anonymous said...

i have the astulation eyemasks but didnt feel they did anything for me

let me go try them again, i still have 4 packets XD

i bought the face shop collagen eye masks lately too, will try and let u know

also trying these biore overnight ones XD

man i am so desperate haha

Anonymous said...

true! i shall try some ultimation then, see if it helps!

have u seen their new infinity range?

i used eyecream by cosme decorte [kose's premium] and i thought it was good too. but maybe with the masks...who knows! WHEEE shall try