Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Bobbi Brown Counters

I want to take this opportunity to talk about my experiences at Bobbi Brown counters, before I continue with my report on Kose to complete my review on Japanese brand counters. Bobbi Brown, Robinsons I was shopping on Sunday at Robinsons and went to the Bobbi Brown counter to look for the brightener that Fuzkittie recommended. There was one male SA there, and no other SA there, so I approached him but he seemed to be thinking about something. He was distant and gestured to me the general vicinty where the concealors were located, together with all the foundation and powders. So, I didn't know better, picked up a concealor and asked him, "Oh, so this the eye brightener?" He shook his head and gestured in another direction to indicate the brightener is somewhere else. I tried to be friendly and say I needed some explanation on how to use it, but he didn't show me! Strange. He also didn't try to help me choose the appropriate colour either. I was really surprised at how unfriendly and unprofessional he was. So I walked away after a while, looking really disgusted at him and he ignored me! LOL. When I returned to Robinson's today, I was in my office wear, obviously dressed better than I was on Saturday and he did a double take to look at me with recognition when I was at the counter, but right after that he purposefully looked away! I stood there for a while, but though there were other SAs there today, they were busy. Though that male SA wasn't busy like the other SAs there, he didn't bother to come up ask if I needed help. So, after a while, I didn't want to spend anymore time at the counter and I walked away. Sometimes, it just takes ONE bad SA to turn a customer off. :( Bobbi Brown, Takashimaya I was at this counter a few weeks ago, same time I was looking at the items at the Kose and Kanebo counters. At that time, I was looking for a concealor. The SA, a female, showed me the recommended concealor colour and left it at that. I didn't quite understand her sales method ... HAahaaha because I stood there, and then had to ask her if I could try it ... I guess Bobbi Brown is such a famous brand that the SA is surprised anyone would need explanations or testing? LOL. Anyway, this SA wasn't such a big put off. At least she was quite helpful. When I asked her about the Shimmering Nudes eye palette and it wasn't available at that counter, she took the initiative to call the Isetan counter to do a check. I ended up buying a Mac concealor that day when I walked by Tangs on the way over to Isetan! It shows what sort of shopper I am ... and how stores can lose a sale based on such inane reasons. Bobbi Brown, Isetan Scotts I bought today's Bobbi Brown haul from the Isetan Scotts counter, in a span of 15-20 minutes, even though I don't have a rebate/discount at Isetan like I do at Robinsons (I do plan to correct this, I'm applying for an Isetan rebate card! LOL.) I intended to buy something all those times (described above) I went to Bobbi Brown counters but I eventually bought something today because the SA took time to help me. First of all, when I asked her about the brightener, she not only pointed it out to me but also showed me the recommended colour, and demonstrated how to put the brightener on. She tried the brightener and concealor on my undereye circles to show how it will work. When I told her about cakey concealor, she showed me how to apply it a different way and explain how to do it so it will be less cakey. It made alot of difference, I was ofcourse convinced by the facts that looked back at me from the mirrow and decided I will buy the brightener. When I asked her about the Bobbi Brown Shimmering Nudes eye palette, she told me there are a few pieces of it left and showed me how it could be applied. Then she compared it with the new Lip and Eye palette, explaining it's more fun and though shimmery, it's sheer so can be used for day time also. I was sold on the newer palette, bought it. I also wanted a lip gloss and she spent time recommending different colours, so I bought one too when I found one I liked. That was how I ended up spending enough to get a Bobbi Brown Club membership. I think I'm not much different from most customers, am I? I just need some prompting to help me decide on my purchases. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


fuzkittie said...

Wow, glad you finally found someone who was willing to help! Yea, I never can understand SAs that don't try to sell stuff. I mean, sure we don't like pushy SAs, but not saying ANYTHING? That's just weird.. it's as if they hate their job and don't want to have anything to do with it.

In general I don't like to be bothered, but when I want to buy something, I expect them to sell it to me!

fuzkittie said...

O girl, if you could get the mag for me and it won't inconvenience you that would be awesome! Just let me know how to repay and etc.

pinky"the-middle-name-is-princess"beanie said...

These people (meaning the SAs) have so much power in their hands and they don't know it! Oh boy. Yeah, customer service can really make the difference between a sale or no sale.

I find myself buying more stuff from SAs I can 'relate' to, no matter the product. It's a balancing act between being helpful and giving the customer space to decide.

Dor said...

Taking about SAs. I was at Robinson (raffles city) yesterday evening to get my Kanebo Coffret Dor. The one-and-only SA at the counter went to the toilet for what I think is the longest time ever. This nice SA from Kenzo next store helped me to get the stuff. Feel so bad because I didn't purchase anything from her. When I made my payment, I went back to said thank you to her.