Thursday, 4 December 2008

I Want A New Bag!

I want a new bag! I want it nice and cheap. Or rather, I want a brand bag at a discount from retail price. So after work, I headed to the Gucci sale. First I went to Takashimaya. There was a long queue. I went to Coach instead. There was a sale there too. And I didn't like what I saw. By then the store got really crowded and another queue started outside the Coach store. So I went back to Gucci. The air was getting thicker with the after work crowds. And the queue was longer. And it was hot. And it was crowded. Did I mention that already? Crowded. I stood in the queue for a while, then felt faint. So stuffy. I sort of wobbled. Then I thought, "Oops I don't want to appear in the tabloids tomorrow ... " I imagined the headlines, "Woman fainted and stomped on at Gucci sale." So I walked away and headed to Paragon's Gucci, but at that point I was on the verge of collapsing. After battling all the crowds from one place to another, I felt very sick and almost pukey. I really do have a bad physical reaction to crowds and small spaces. When I arrived at Paragon Gucci, I saw another queue and gave up. I went and sat down at a fast food joint with a cup of drink. Then I went home. I still want a new bag. I want a tote or a tote-like bag at a discount! Please tell me where I can find one. Boohoohoohoo. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


Anonymous said...

i'm no help unfortunately XD

i was in hk on a business trip and gucci was on sale but it was sooo crowded. i ended up buying stuff at LV instead. =_=

i havent bought the purederm yet but i bought some other hanskin bbcreams, might give purederm a go too if i go back to tat shop tat sells it as it was really cheap.

the laneige cream isnt doing boo for me i think
as a matter of fact, i see a red spot under my eye, i wonder if its from that
my sister bought it in singapore after seeing it on the taiwanese show u watch but then she reports its not great either. her skin is super super dry, my skin is super super oily XD

Anonymous said...

btw, cp = custom purchase

and for the bottles, packaging is different, quantity is the same

i like esprique more than beaute but beaute has more colors