Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Japanese Cosmetic Counter Brands (Part 2): Kanebo

This is a continuation of my Japanese Cosmetic Counter Brands review. The last time I wrote about Shiseido counters I visited and today, I will report on Kanebo. Kanebo, BHG, Bugis Junction I went to Kanebo specifically to look for makeup and nothing else. I had not done any reading up on their skincare. At BHG, Bugis Junction, I walked around and tested everything on the Kanebo counters and was excited to see Kate available there but there was no SA around. About 1o minutes later, the SA appeared and started talking to me about the Coffret Dor Limited Party Palettes for Christmas 2008. She told me the purple Sweet Dressy set was sold out and I should get the Noble Dressy set because it was very worth it. Eventually she wasn't pushy at all and left me to decide what I wanted. In some ways it was good that she walked away because it gave me space to think. Not all SAs are polite like that, so in that way, she was a relatively good SA. Kanebo Takashimaya I visited this counter twice, the first time on a weekday morning when I was on leave and the second time on a weekday night, the following day, after I decided I wanted to get the Lunasol Party Coffret. On the first visit, the SA I spoke to was polite but distant because she was busy helping out a couple of regulars with colours and also filling out forms for a makeover promo that was happening that week. She showed me all the makeup items I wanted to see and let me try everything, plus explained to me about the prices even though she was really busy. She didn't show any distaste or frustration when I told her I'll come back later after I've made my decision. On the second visit, it was a different SA who was also busy but she was equally helpful. In fact, she took some time out to help me decide between colours and the various Kanebo sets. I initially wanted to get a Lunasol palette but she told me why not just get the Party sets because they are newer colours. She advised that the palette I wanted was much darker and from last year's Winter collection, so if I really wanted something with a fresher look, I could try this year's Winter colours instead. Overall, she was a very good SA, and I ended up buying both the Coffret Dor Sweet Dressy Party Palette and the Lunasol Winter Party Coffret, which I reviewed previously in another post.

Conclusion about Kanebo

Overall, I found my experience with Kanebo's SAs quite positive. I liked the Kanebo Takashimaya SAs best, fortunately, because from what I understand, it's the only counter that carries Lunasol. I even recommended a friend, Pinky, to visit Takashimaya's Kanebo counter when she experienced bad service from the Robinsons' Centrepoint Kanebo counter while searching for skincare.

However, I'm again disappointed the SAs did not offer any samples without me asking. And I suspect even if I ask, I won't get any samples. I think I'm spoilt by my experiences at counters like Fancl, Korean cosmetic stores and even Jurlique and Lush. I'm extremely spoilt by my experiences shopping in Taipei where samples are given freely for any cosmetics I purchase.

I must make an additional comment about Coffret Dor's Sweet Dressy Party Palette. After I reviewed it, I've used that palette several other times and my opinion of the palette has changed a little. When I use the Eye Fantasist as a base, the Sweet Dressy palette is actually very useable, not powdery at all and the colours show through better, so, I begin to like it quite a bit and I think I can consider looking at Kanebo's other eye makeup items.

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