Friday, 12 December 2008

Undereye Concealers

Tsk, I'm still thinking about the black lambskin Cannage drawstring that looks like a tote when you stuff alot of things inside it ... Ugh ... Well, to distract myself, I'll talk about undereye concealers. One of my current grouses is that I haven't found a good undereye concealer yet. One that isn't too heavy (to avoid accentuating my lines), is moisturising (for the super dryness), yet is good enough to cover my dark circles. While my Mac concealer is better than the Face Shop one I previously used, I find that on some days, my dark circles are still peering through ... I can still see some hints of the blackness especially at the innermost corner of my eyes. If I apply too much, it starts to cake ... After reading Should I use Peach or Yellow Concealer for undereye? in My Women Stuff, I kept peering at my dark circles to try figuring out what colour they are. I asked around and people mostly said different things! The funniest was my son who said, "It's brown here, and black here, and red here, and sort of grey here, and overall like blue-black." LOL! My experiments with using different coloured powders on the dark circles didn't give me any enlightenment either. I still have no idea whether a pink, blue, lavender, orange or yellow based concealor is best for me. I was at the Benefit counter today just scouting around as usual for a better undereye concealer. The SA tested Erase Paste on my eyes and it's just so cakey that I hated it. I went over to the other counters and the Givenchy Mr Light Instant Light Corrective Pen caught my eye. It is light, liquid and has light-diffusing properties. I haven't been able to check YSL's Touche Eclat concealer, though I read it is rather good. Basically the YSL SAs are always applying makeup on themselves when I'm at their counter, so I never get a chance to talk to them. One thing I did try was putting Benefit's That Gal Brightening Face Primer under my eyes and on my lids before applying concealer. Its texture is too thin to conceal anything but I found that it does help to lighten and deflect the darkness, but I have my doubts about putting this primer on my eyes too often. I wonder whether my skin will suffer, since this primer wasn't made for the eyes originally. It did give me the idea that maybe a light-deflecting/brightening sort of concealer will do a better job, so maybe I'll pick up one such concealer soon. I just need to figure out which store will provide the best "rebate" or even sale price, if ever ... © Copyright. All rights reserved.


fuzkittie said...

Hmm I find the Bobbi Brown brightener really lightens up the under eye area, maybe you can try it at the counter. Another brightener I like that can be used for anywhere on the face is by Laura Mercier, it comes in a pen form just like Touch Eclat, but the texture of it is very nice and souffle like, this is more shiny than the Bobbi Brown though.

Jamilla Camel said...

Dear A,

I just blogged about my fave concealers, and I think I can recommend some you may like: