Sunday, 21 December 2008


Now, I'm thinking ... and rethinking ... because Pinky said to go buy Australian products now the exchange rate is so good ... I suddenly recall those days when I used Jurlique. For several years, I used Jurlique exclusively for my skincare. This was before Jurlique came to Singapore, I think even before I started trying Fancl. I got the skincare from Australia through my travels and through friends. Now that I think about it, I recall my skin behaved so well when I was using that brand. I wonder why. It was hydrated, smooth and clear, and the sensitivities were well-controlled. Jurlique's products contain none little of the so-called scientifically-proven miracle formulations, but are instead famous for their 100% natural and organic ingredients. What made their products do so well on my skin? I still can't figure it out ... What made me stop buying Jurlique? Because once it came to Singapore, I didn't have a good reason to get it from Australia directly, then suddenly it dawned on me how expensive their stuff was. In particular, my favourite Recovery Gel is so freaking expensive here in Singapore that I couldn't bring myself to buy it! Maybe I should rethink this ... © Copyright. All rights reserved.

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