Friday, 12 December 2008

Bags, bags, bags, bags

I'm obsessing about bags. But I received good advice, "Wait for the next season to buy more, so you'll get a good range of designs!" So, for now I'll just obsess. Yesterday, I was at Dior and saw several bags from the the Ethnic and Cannage range on discount, up to 50% off. I almost bought a black Ethnic but luckily thought the better of it, because I think it's too trendy and not the sort of evergreen design that I prefer. I didn't look closely at the Cannage but last night I was thinking I should go back and take a look. However, based on the good advice, I thought I should, I ought to resist. Yet, Cannage is an evergreen style and would be good to pick up at a discount ... Ohoh ... Tempted, tempted, tempted ... On the other hand, I loved the Dior soft bag I saw in pink, I don't know which range it's from, Dior is so confusing ... so, maybe I should just save up and buy that one next time ... Oh I don't know! Meanwhile, Coach has a cute pink bag, I was lured to it though a Poupee event special ... It's the Leah Emboosed Op Art Patent. I also quite like the Leather Sabrina. I wonder if it's worth the effort to buy online through Coach's official site (Coach in Singapore is so overpriced, even with a sale on). Oh and Neiman Marcus has aawfully cute Juicy Couture bags! Omg! Sheesh, anyone wants to spree with me? I ought to go find out if Neiman Marcus ships to Singapore, or whether I need to use Vpost. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


Anonymous said...

LOL you are a girl after my own heart - I'm seriously in love with bags too :) The more the merrier I say! I saw the new Coach leather shoulder tote for 2009 Resort - its seriously cute and soft and very expensive. Coach is horribly overpriced here in Malaysia too. Do review the Tivoli when you get it and pics would be awesome :D

fuzkittie said...

Hehehe! Neiman is having great sales~ I can't get anymore shit tho! Whew!

LOL @ the coach bag you got lured by Poupee!

Jamilla Camel said...

My source for all bags designer:


The bags (like LV, Mulberry, Gucci, etc.) are not only duty free, but they have massive sales too. Beats department stores hands down every time.

Happy Hunting!